Dr. Inge Heinzl, EW Nutrition

“I learned a new revision strategy; the checklists in the reference material will also help me a great deal. I now plan to write up editorial guidelines for our product managers.” – Dr. Inge Heinzl, EW Nutrition

Katinka, Basic-Fit

“I learned how to look at any text holistically. ‘Business Editing’ is really pragmatic; it made me aware of different kind of content, and the different objectives in editing that content. I received guidance on how to create a personalised checklist and structured templates. I also learned that a copy platform contributes to the effectiveness and… Read more

Valeria, IDEXX Laboratories

“I learned to focus more on the content than on the form (at first, that is). The course taught me a process I can use in several different contexts—including emails, presentations, and even discussions.   The workshop gives you the opportunity to review—and brainstorm about—other people’s writing, which ultimately helps you to see your own… Read more

Solveig, Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International

“The course helped me to become more conscious of all the steps in the editing and writing/re-writing processes. I can now develop my own lists of tools, steps, and techniques that I know work for me. The checklists are particularly useful to me, I’m confident that the course will help to make writing and editing… Read more

Netta, International Baccalaureate

“I found the workshop very useful in terms of my professional development. In my learning objectives I had identified the following learning goals, which I think we covered very well: ‘to write business language in brief, clear, polite, politically correct manner and a convincing style.’” – Netta, International Baccalaureate

Paul P., Translation bureau, Amsterdam

“I learned a lot about how to approach editing in a different way, to use the guidelines and protocol to help me apply structure and rules for editing. I learned a lot about processes, about trying to see the bigger picture. I also learned about how others approach editing, and what kinds of problems they… Read more

Insurance-sector professional

“Thank you so much for guiding us to becoming better editors; the class improved my self-confidence. I learned that no editing model is ideal, but that I can trust the model I choose—as long as it gets the job done. The course helped me to make specialized, terminology-heavy text more accessible. The feedback took into… Read more

Dorine, Editor and Copywriter

“This fast-paced course covered many aspects of business writing. I appreciate that the content is based on texts brought in by participants. We discussed a variety of text formats, such as emails, financial reports and brochure texts. This course motivated me to take time out to think about what I’m doing – in order to… Read more

Erwin, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

“The course consists of a methodology to work through an editing process. Over the course of the workshop, the approach moves from a theoretical to a hands-on writing session. It covers the various aspects of the editing workflow, from deciding on form to “selling-in” the text to clients and co-workers. The training taught us to… Read more

L.S., MediaMonks

“The course showed me how to handle any type of text and find (quick) ways to change or improve it. I also discovered more appreciation for the work that I do. Most importantly, the workshop gave me more confidence—the confidence of knowing how to approach any piece of text, and the confidence to better voice… Read more

Scarlet, SensiSeeds

“I picked up practical tools and got expert guidance on how to deconstruct, then reconstruct, texts of various forms for various platforms. It’s all about creating the most impactful content.” – Scarlet, SensiSeeds

Jane, Editor

“I learned the value of taking a step back from your own writing to try to see how others will receive it. The training reinforced for me the fact that what I write is only good if the reader understands it. I hope I can now judge my own writing more critically in terms of… Read more

JW, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

“[I learned] not to forget the value of our audience reading someone else’s thoughts and experience (not everything should sound like a press release) – and to ask our ‘experts’ to be brave and sometimes write [or let us, the Comms professionals, write on their behalf] what they THINK. The course gave me a wider view… Read more

Merlie, ABN AMRO

“I learned something very important: that brand journalism is not so much about ‘branding’ as such; it’s more about the values underlying the company and its brand. These workshops always help me get my head around what writing is all about — and this class helped me take a big step back so I could… Read more

Jill; Writer, Editor, Translator & Trainer

“How would I describe the content of the workshop? Outstanding. The handouts will be a permanent reference source. The analysis of my own and others’ work was invaluable for putting theory into practice. New insights all the way.” – Jill; Writer, Editor, Translator & Trainer