Dorine, Editor and Copywriter

This fast-paced course covered many aspects of business writing. I appreciate that the content is based on texts brought in by participants. We discussed a variety of text formats, such as emails, financial reports and brochure texts.

This course motivated me to take time out to think about what I’m doing – in order to edit more effectively. Discussing others’ perspectives on what does and doesn’t work when editing business texts broadened my views about my approach.

I always have too much work on my plate, so it’s texts, so I can start working on the most important revisions, to improve texts as much as possible.
How will the workshop affect my written communications? I will take more charge of texts and express to clients why I made certain changes. I will approach people in an open way (not accusatory) and communicate clearly that these improvements are necessary based on the audience’s information needs.
The setting was great—in a beautiful historical building. It was intense, but the instructor took great care of us with short breaks, and fruit and cookies. It was enlighting to have other professionals thoroughly go through my texts.

– Dorine, Editor and Copywriter; Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University