Business Editing

Revise, rewrite, & repurpose text


Who Attends “Business Editing”?

Many who take “Business Editing” currently write for their organizations—and wish to add editing to their skillset. Why take the class? To learn techniques for improving texts of all kinds—and to boost the overall quality of your written communications.

What You Will Learn

  • To use a proven, professional protocol for transforming texts
  • Ways to make every text noticeably clearer, more persuasive
  • How and when to do a light edit—versus when to rewrite
  • How to make your organization’s voice more authentic
  • Ways to “sell-in” superb text to colleagues & others

“Business Editing”—The Process

In this hands-on course, you’ll work with your own organization’s text—for immediate results. We’ll start with the principles of editing for work—and move swiftly to practice. Using a relevant business case that you provide, you will revise at least one complete piece. Then you’ll receive expert feedback on your written communication.

What to Expect

The course is in English and is taught by a professional with more than twenty years of experience. The training consists of 3 sessions of 4 hours each. You will leave with a list of your strengths as an editor; one complete, edited piece; and a training certificate. The cost for the workshop is €1,100 (excl. VAT). Group and NGO rates are available.

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