Jessica, The Artist and the Others 

“Great overview for writing techniques on any kind of writing—especially web. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in more in-depth knowledge of writing for web, not only for the course content , but for the instructor’s coaching skills. The course is also useful for people interested in personal development.” – Jessica, The Artist… Read more


“The size of the group kept [the training] varied but overseeable. I liked the extras: the extensive course material, the cake, the charm of the building, and the book-lined workroom. Frequent breaks meant everyone could check their phones without interrupting the workflow and we kept our energy levels up.” – Marijn


“The workshop exceeded expectations–the information was excellent, the atmosphere both friendly and professional. The very participatory approach kept things lively. Potentially intimidating technical language and concepts were demystified, and concrete and practical information was shared.” – Shelley

Beatrice C.

“The class gave me useful tools and techniques to work in a structured way and make my texts clearer, more thorough, more appealing, and more incisive. I now have a method I can always refer to in order to get the best out of my writing. I found it particularly useful to re-write pieces based… Read more


“This course has stood me in good stead. It was definitely a case of the right input at the right time. I needed to address the issues involved activities were non-threatening, to-the-point and useful. But most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching – very personal style and, more important, ‘sticky’! Lots has stuck with… Read more


“I enjoyed instructor’s style of teaching: upbeat, energetic and passionate. I left the workshop totally inspired to get back to my beloved blog. Thank you!” – Zena

Maxime, Embassy of the Netherlands

“ ‘Writing for the Web’ was very interactive. We worked with practical examples and spent time focusing on each participant’s text.  I can easily use the writing techniques and the checklists from this course. I really appreciated that the instructor took extra time for me after the first session; that gave me inspiration for how… Read more

Barbara, Communications & Marketing Manager, HE Space

“The content of the workshop is focused on writing for the web but catered to the attendees’ needs. What was also useful for me was the mix of people participating. This led to eye-openers about the jargon I tend to use, and the assumptions I sometimes make. The attendees provided both professional feedback and acted as… Read more

Christophe, Customer Support Officer

“What was most usable in my day-to-day work life? I’m more confident about how to continue and improve what we have already have achieved in Customer Support. I have become more self-confident.” – Christophe, Customer Support Officer

Marion, Sales Support, Fairphone

“I learned during this training that I can be stricter with customers without disappointing them. It gave me more confidence to deliver a message that is understandable, short and friendly, whatever the circumstances. I feel that this training proved that our job is actually extremely important within the company, as we are the ones in… Read more

Joana, Fairphone Customer Support

“The main accomplishment was learning how to take the key messages from a draft, and convey a short, clear message. I enjoyed the workshop and the facilitator.” – Joana, Fairphone Customer Support

Andrea, Software Developer

“I learned to address every legitimate point proposed by the customer. I mostly communicate via scripts, but regularly adapt them to the case at hand: I will look into how to integrate the ‘speedwriting’ technique when modifying the scripts. This will ensure that all requests are addressed.” – Andrea, Software Developer

Project Manager, Hanken & SSE Executive Education

“In this training I learnt that we need to align our future communication as a team: we are all communicating with customers according to our agreed-upon goals and guidelines.” – Project Manager, Hanken & SSE Executive Education

Sveta, Customer Success Manager

“Thank you for the great training.? We had very good examples, not just random e-mails, so we could look at our own company’s tickets. Now, my writing will be briefer and more direct. I want to thank you once again for the great time we had, and for the knowledge gained.” – Sveta, Customer Success Manager

Gabriele, System Administrator

“I write a lot of documentation for the team. The goal will be to “keep it short” if it is new content, or “make it short” if I am reviewing something. I will also try to be more inclusive when I am in the development stage. I usually work with one particular on these things,… Read more

Esmée, Business & Reseller Support Officer, Fairphone

“I learned to recognise customer moods and accompanying behaviour; how to identify and set boundaries; and to how to improve on—and align—communication. How will my future written communications improve? I will become more efficient, focusing on retainment and satisfaction for both sides.” – Esmée, Business & Reseller Support Officer, Fairphone

Jillian, finchfactor (now futurefactor)

“The most valuable thing I learned was structure, length and tone of voice for an opinion piece. I now feel much more comfortable in giving feedback to my clients and helping to write and structure copy for them. Most usable was the piece that we analyzed on the very first day – the opinion piece by… Read more


“How did the class add value to my skills as a communicator? I’m now more confident in employing smarter writing techniques. I found the workshop valuable, hands-on, relevant and immediately usable.” – JW