Lily, Argodesign

“In terms of being a more effective communicator, I learned the importance of defining my own executive voice and how to clearly and consistently communicate to others through my writing, as well as in conversations and meetings at work.”

“I learned about selecting the appropriate format for a piece of writing, choosing a model, analyzing, and editing, and about process in general, from writing and refining a great peice.

The instructor helped me adapt a process I’m already experienced at, my design process, into a writing process. This is something I was immediately able to put into practice after the workshop. What’s beautiful about this approach is that I’m not doing something completely new and scary, I’m doing what I already know how to do but in a new medium: writing.

Since the course, I’ve already edited some of my past work, and written two new articles. My work is more cohesive and comes from a stronge, morer unified voice. I now know that my writing is all contributing to an expression of my design philosophy. And as I grow as a practitioner, my writing will help me to understand my philosophy and to communicate it effectively to others.

The instructor opened my eyes to just how vast the world of writing and communication really is. Her approach to providing feedback is precise and impactful. When she gave each of us in the class her suggestions about what makes our executive voice uniquely valuable, it was like a gift of poignant insight. Her feedback is invaluable and so thoughtfully given, but most of all effective. I truly enjoyed—and learned so much from—this course!”

– Lily, argodesign