Writing for NGOs

Motivating your audiences to engage with your goals


Who Attends “Writing for NGOs”

Some who take part are experienced writers, already at work; others are new to writing for NGOs and non-profits. What all have in common is the wish to write ever more professionally—and convincingly—on behalf of socially-engaged organizations.

What You Will Learn

  • How to refine fundraising materials—including grant proposals
  • How to modulate your tone when addressing different audiences
  • How to revise vision & mission statements
  • How to strategically frame social, political & climate issues
  • How to avoid clichés and tell authentic, original stories
  • How to strategize streamlined annual reports
  • How to be concise or detailed, as needed

“Writing for NGOs”—The Process

In this practical course, you’ll be asked to submit material in advance: 2-3 examples of persuasive text. These excerpts may be written by anyone, in any context, from business, to government, to the culture sector. These examples will become the foundation for a fresh approach to your writing.

Why This Course is Unique

Many courses teach writing theory only; others focus solely on one written format. This course covers the top-line approach of writing for NGOs—from pitfalls to untapped opportunities.

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  • 2 sessions of 3 hours each

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    €500 (excl. VAT) per person for the complete course. Group and NGO rates are available.

  • International English

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What to Expect

This course was co-developed by career peace-activist Shelley Anderson and writing-trainer Lisa Friedman. Shelley designed, secured funding for, and implemented the Women and Peace program for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

You will leave with a series writing skills appropriate for your sector; one complete piece of writing; and a training certificate. The cost for the workshop is €500 (excl. VAT) per person for the complete course: 2 sessions of 3 hours each. Group and NGO rates are available.

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