Alba, Editio

I learnt more about presenting edits to an audience that may have different views about communication. Also, I became conscious of my own editing process and where there is room for improvement.

I definitely have more tools to present my editing to my colleagues in a positive manner. I can use a more specialised vocabulary, and that makes me able to define myself as an editing professional.

I will also be more mindful of form in my writing. Mostly, I will be mindful of form when communicating about my needs as an editor, particularly with clarification on specific pieces.

What did I find most useful about the workshop? Two things, the first was that I understood I am not the only one who is struggling to be heard. The second is the techniques for “selling” edits. It is very helpful to have ideas to hold on to for explaining my work to others.

Thank you! I had a great learning experience.

– Alba, Editio