Writing that Sells

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  • The content was well-planned and the examples were well-chosen. The workshop leader was world-class. She struck just the right balance of hard-core pro, compassionate tutor and irreverent entertainer.

    – Robin Landis, U.N. World Food Programme

  • What was most useful about the workshop? Evaluating other people’s written work, analyzing good examples, working as a team, and being guided throughout the process of writing as well as reviewing.

    – Beatrice

  • How did the course add value to my skills as a communicator? Working in pairs and the feedback from my peers were very useful. The positive feedback gave me a little more confidence, and the negative feedback helped me see the points that need improvement. The reference material is very detailed, with good business cases presented.

    – I.M., Writer, Technologist & Translation-industry Professional

  • I liked the instructor’s directness, and the comparative analysis of ‘what works’ and ‘what to change’ in text—also the personal part, in which everyone received individualized feedback. Also, the lunch was fantastic.

    – Henriette, Impact Matters

  • I would describe the content of ‘Writing that Sells’ as interesting, entertaining, interactive. The course material is clear, and can be used as a guide in daily writing.

    – Yulia, Communication Specialist

  • Continuous learning and improvement—that’s what these courses provide in a wonderfully creative environment. I walked away tired but re-invigorated. The experience was worth every penny!

    – Rosey, Booking.com

  • What did I learn at this particular training? To focus on the needs of the reader; and the important distinction between features and benefits. I also learned to be relentless in the use of accessible language in my communication.

    The course gave me more confidence in business-oriented writing. Very useful reference material—loved the deconstruction of the Shakespeare sonnet. Many, many thanks for a very energizing experience.

    – Shelley

  • Many courses try to cover far too much ground. ‘Writing that Sells’ takes a really important concept and explores it in great depth.

    – Sue, Independent Writing & Editing Professional

  • The class taught me to not shy away from putting ideas on the page. Perhaps the most usable element of the workshop was looking at how best I work, and finding optimal ways to work. One size does not fit all, and it’s okay to develop your personal working method. 

    The discussions at lunch were fantastic. It was great to talk to people with different experiences and different perspectives. I’m not sure if my partner for the workshop and I were matched because of our similar areas of work, but if we were, it was a good match!

    – Marie-Anne; UX Copywriter, Booking.com

  • The workshop helped me to sharpen my writing skills in general. Being around other writers is always useful, and hearing your constructive feedback/criticism is very educational.

    The course content was very enjoyable! A good mixture of writing, listening and discussion. The course instructor hit the nail right on the head by scheduling plenty of short breaks rather than a few long ones. Very refreshing, and unique in the land of workshops!

    – Merilee, ABN AMRO

  • These workshops are really engaging, affirming and well-structured—and they deliver results!

    – Justine, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

  • “I learned to start by thinking about the form in which you’re working; to reduce the amount of text wherever possible; and to be specific. The instructor was very patient, thorough and flexible. I really learned from the two-day journey.”

    – L.V., Strategist, Butterfly Works

  • This course was a deep dive into the elements of persuasive writing. It gave me more strategies to bring out the essential elements of a message and create more powerful communication. What did I like best about the workshop? The process of working on an idea, presenting to the group, receiving feedback, and then refining the result. A thorough way to implement the concepts on which we were working.

    – Digital Content Manager, World Press Photo

  • The course helped me to look at texts systematically and gave me the tools to ‘codify’ those texts. How did the class add value to my skills as a communicator? I now have a framework that makes me more efficient, but most importantly, gives me confidence that what I’m doing is correct.

    – Imme Ruarus; IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative

  • The content was well-planned and the examples were well-chosen. The workshop leader was world-class. She struck just the right balance of hard-core pro, compassionate tutor and irreverent entertainer.

    “Plus, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I found it to be a very inspired and inspiring environment. The workshop leader was so skillful in making a comfortable space for people who are reticent to speak up in a large group. Whether consciously or not, she applied a magic reverse-psychology by inviting anyone who wished not to be called on to simply let her know at the break. Just knowing that I could save face and opt out helped conquer my fear of public speaking, to where I actually apologized at one point for dominating the airwaves!

    – Robin Landis, U.N. World Food Programme