The Executive Voice

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  • In terms of being a more effective communicator, I learned the importance of defining my own executive voice and how to clearly and consistently communicate to others through my writing, as well as in conversations and meetings at work.

    – Lily, argodesign

  • How did the class add value to my skills as a communicator? I’m now more confident in employing smarter writing techniques. I found the workshop valuable, hands-on, relevant and immediately usable.

    – JW

  • I realised the distinction/convergence between my own executive voice and that of the client. I also found the format aspects very useful: as in, maybe the client thinks they need a blog but in fact a Q&A or other form of communication might be more suited to the content available. So, lesson learned: always ask the critical questions at the start.
    How will the workshop influence my future written communications?
    I think it will be easier to find the appropriate voice—so the communications will be more effective, readable, and authentic.
    I enjoyed the mix of people and sectors, the small group size was a treat, and the executive breakfast was a delightful surprise.

    As always, great admiration for the instructor’s depth of knowledge, teaching expertise and unique coaching style.

    – Jill

  • I learned to rewrite messages for different audiences, using a different tone of voice and language style. The course gave me more confidence to critique my own writing and that of my colleagues. I will have more focus on what I am writing and I can refer to the course material when I need a reference to write a specific email, brief, presentation, etc.

    – Fiona, Akzo Nobel

  • From this particular training, ‘The Executive Voice’, I learned about pared-down writing: how to capture the key message and keep things ‘top-line.’ The instructor gives people the knowledge needed to create a vision & mission statement, newsletter copy, create internal and external communications for the company’s CEO, etc. I enjoyed comments and instruction on my own writing.

    – Senior Copywriter for Philips

  • I really enjoyed the course—both the content and the methodology. I got the tools to sharpen written and verbal communication; to be more direct, clear and concise. I now have a better understanding of the “right” executive voice.
     I’d describe this course as on a par with today’s business needs—pragmatic and useful. The instructor understands each individual’s needs and pain points, and she adapts the content based on that understanding.

    – Beltran, Philips

  • During this course, tt became clear that there’s no one way of going forward with a text. I learned to respect my own, direct language. I gained more confidence.

    – Anke

  • At ‘The Executive Voice,’ I learned what to consider when writing messages from senior management. The subject matter was directly relevant to my work. The content of the workshop is excellent—it hits the nail right on the head. ‘The Executive Voice’ workshop will help me to write more effectively—identify the key messages, decide what to say and what not to say, find the right tone, etc. This is all usable in my day-to-day work. The hand-out information is also very good—I’m going to look for a spot at the office to hang up the checklist. It will be useful when writing for the CEO and other senior managers. And a big round of applause for the first-rate, inspiring teaching and the excellent, authentic writing feedback.

    – Senior Editor, ABN AMRO Bank

  • I learned how to organize my thoughts and plan the writing with more structure.

    – Sophie, AkzoNobel

  • The importance of form really sank in during this training. After the workshop, I went home and read the course material. There isn’t a single thing in there that I didn’t find useful.  I especially liked the safe environment, where there weren’t any ego hassles.

    – Bipasha, Fair Food International

  • Valuable content, internationally oriented. Many lessons learned about style in writing & how to aim at getting across a certain message that may be tricky. Examples by top CEOs.
    Most usable: the method of building word lists and the specifics of how to write better. Also: How to get around sticky situations, such as CEOs and boards of directors wanting & thinking one thing, staff and employees who need to understand what the people ‘upstairs’ are doing.
    Hand-out: Great material that I will certainly look at again and again.
    Impact: I feel more convinced of my competence, more aware of how to write for others.
    I can’t wait to take another course with this instructor. I believe she will move my writing forward a great deal.

    – Business writer for Delta Lloyd Group

  • “In terms of being a more effective communicator, I learned the importance of defining my own executive voice and how to clearly and consistently communicate to others through my writing, as well as in conversations and meetings at work.”

    “I learned about selecting the appropriate format for a piece of writing, choosing a model, analyzing, and editing, and about process in general, from writing and refining a great peice.

    The instructor helped me adapt a process I’m already experienced at, my design process, into a writing process. This is something I was immediately able to put into practice after the workshop. What’s beautiful about this approach is that I’m not doing something completely new and scary, I’m doing what I already know how to do but in a new medium: writing.

    Since the course, I’ve already edited some of my past work, and written two new articles. My work is more cohesive and comes from a stronge, morer unified voice. I now know that my writing is all contributing to an expression of my design philosophy. And as I grow as a practitioner, my writing will help me to understand my philosophy and to communicate it effectively to others.

    The instructor opened my eyes to just how vast the world of writing and communication really is. Her approach to providing feedback is precise and impactful. When she gave each of us in the class her suggestions about what makes our executive voice uniquely valuable, it was like a gift of poignant insight. Her feedback is invaluable and so thoughtfully given, but most of all effective. I truly enjoyed—and learned so much from—this course!”

    – Lily, argodesign