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  • The content was well-planned and the examples were well-chosen. The workshop leader was world-class. She struck just the right balance of hard-core pro, compassionate tutor and irreverent entertainer.

    – Robin Landis, U.N. World Food Programme

  • What I liked best about the course was the interaction with others and the hands-on component, where we got to work on real pieces.  It forces you to think and apply what has been learned. As with every course in this series, I loved it.

    – Raffaella, Outreach Officer & Content Producer, European Space Agency

  • I learned to recognise customer moods and accompanying behaviour; how to identify and set boundaries; and to how to improve on—and align—communication.

    – Esmée, Business & Reseller Support Officer, Fairphone

  • The most valuable thing I learned was structure, length and tone of voice for an opinion piece. I now feel much more comfortable in giving feedback to my clients and helping to write and structure copy for them. Most usable was the piece that we analyzed on the very first day – the opinion piece by an ad agency.

    – Jillian, finchfactor (now futurefactor)

  • In terms of being a more effective communicator, I learned the importance of defining my own executive voice and how to clearly and consistently communicate to others through my writing, as well as in conversations and meetings at work.

    – Lily, argodesign

  • The fact that we specifically worked on editing my own work was enormously helpful.

    – Armina, Qualcomm

  • The course showed me how to handle any type of text and find (quick) ways to change or improve it. I also discovered more appreciation for the work that I do. Most importantly, the workshop gave me more confidence—the confidence of knowing how to approach any piece of text, and the confidence to better voice my professional opinion.

    – L.S., MediaMonks

  • How would I describe the content of the workshop? Outstanding. The handouts will be a permanent reference source. The analysis of my own and others’ work was invaluable for putting theory into practice. New insights all the way.

    – Jill; Writer, Editor, Translator & Trainer