Corporate Storytelling

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  • The fact that we specifically worked on editing my own work was enormously helpful.

    – Armina, Qualcomm

  • For me, the course was about sharpening tools, working with likeminded professionals, and really taking time to focus on text. Thanks again for the thoughtful teaching.

    – Barbara, HE Space

  • Thank you so much for another intense and absorbing session! I learned what storytelling involves, where it’s good to use it, where it shouldn’t be used, how to do it well, how to test its format and its authenticity.
    What is most usable in my day-to-day work life? Knowing where I can encourage others to include ‘people details’ and elements of storytelling.

    – Justine, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

  • I got much more insight into storytelling. The thing I’ll use the most is the storytelling tips – how to make your writing more interesting for different audiences.

    – Teodora, Content Marketer

  • The content of the workshop is clearly set, but it’s also focused on what the participants want to learn. This offers flexibility, and ensures you walk out with answers, rather than even more questions.
    What did I find most useful about the course? It’s difficult to name one thing ? ALL of it was extremely useful: the very definition of storytelling, the checklists, the templates, techniques, examples of others’ work, the practical part of working on your piece in the workshop and understanding that you’re not alone: many other communicators/writers face similar issues, which can be fixed if you know how.

    – Tanya Pakhuta, LeasePlan

  • I learned the structure and characteristics of a compelling story—and how to apply them in my own writing. I also learned:
    – how to formulate questions to get interesting, relevant information in an interview;
    – better understanding of different forms, and different tones of voice;
    – how to formulating better titles;
    – ways to efficiently organize the review and approval process for copy.

    The content of the workshop was very relevant to my needs, full of practical examples and exercises. Thanks to the instructor’s writing and teaching skills—and experience with diverse organizations and their communications—she was able to focus on the written material, while seamlessly adapting to the needs and questions of everyone in our small group, along the way.

    – Daria, Rainforest Alliance

  • The fact that we specifically worked on editing my own work was enormously helpful. The course helped me by providing an excellent framework for writing and editing in a business context. We worked together on defining concepts, audiences, text structures; we brainstormed titles and powerful calls to action; and we made text work better with the right edits. Another thing I particularly liked was reverse-engineering other people’s writing to get inspiration for my own. We had so much fun, as Lisa is an endless source of inspiration, humor and encouragement.

    – Armina, Qualcomm