Business Editing

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  • I learned how to approach business editing in a more structured, analytical way. I also became more conscious of my strengths as an editor and areas for improvement. 

    The hands-on practice and tailored instruction was so valuable. I now have new tools and ideas that are helping me improve my editing at the office.

    Lisa offers expert instruction tailored to your needs. Beyond being a master of the craft, she knows how to connect with her students and offer advice in an accessible and friendly way. The course is incomparable to other business editing courses I’ve taken—the quality is outstanding.

    – Elenna, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • I think this course will support me in my job when I need to edit articles for our newsletters. It will also help me to be more critical when shortening a text. It gave me more confidence in my editing skills.
    I really appreciated the comments from my fellow participants in the training; there was a trusting environment that allowed us to share our ideas and receive feedback. All of this was facilitated by the trainer.

    – Barbara, HE Space

  • I learnt more about presenting edits to an audience that may have different views about communication. Also, I became conscious of my own editing process and where there is room for improvement.

    I definitely have more tools to present my editing to my colleagues in a positive manner. I can use a more specialised vocabulary, and that makes me able to define myself as an editing professional.

    I will also be more mindful of form in my writing. Mostly, I will be mindful of form when communicating about my needs as an editor, particularly with clarification on specific pieces.

    What did I find most useful about the workshop? Two things, the first was that I understood I am not the only one who is struggling to be heard. The second is the techniques for “selling” edits. It is very helpful to have ideas to hold on to for explaining my work to others.

    Thank you! I had a great learning experience.

    – Alba, Editio

  • I learned how to write good pitch emails—and how to think through the real question in my emails. I now write shorter, clearer mails, and sometimes even choose to write separate emails to the same person, to maintain the overview. I’m already seeing an increase in the number of email replies I get. This is saving me a lot of time, since I don’t have to chase people so much anymore.

    I really enjoyed being on this course. We had a great group, and I learned so much. Thanks again for the amazing workshop.

    – Laura, LeasePlan

  • I learned a new revision strategy; the checklists in the reference material will also help me a great deal. I now plan to write up editorial guidelines for our product managers.

    – Dr. Inge Heinzl, EW Nutrition

  • I learned how to look at any text holistically. ‘Business Editing’ is really pragmatic; it made me aware of different kind of content, and the different objectives in editing that content. I received guidance on how to create a personalised checklist and structured templates. I also learned that a copy platform contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of any department involved in brand, sales, support, and/or marketing activities.

    – Katinka, Basic-Fit

  • I learned to focus more on the content than on the form (at first, that is). The course
    taught me a process I can use in several different contexts—including emails, presentations, and even discussions.
    The workshop gives you the opportunity to review—and brainstorm about—other people’s writing, which ultimately helps you to see your own writing from a different point of view.
    What did I like best about the workshop? The location, the instructor with first-hand writing experience, and the sandwiches (in random order!)

    – Valeria, IDEXX Laboratories

  • The course helped me to become more conscious of all the steps in the editing and writing/re-writing processes. I can now develop my own lists of tools, steps, and techniques that I know work for me. The checklists are particularly useful to me,

    I’m confident that the course will help to make writing and editing more joyful, effective and effortless processes; I will be better able to break down tasks into manageable pieces.

    – Solveig, Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International

  • I found the workshop very useful in terms of my professional development. In my learning objectives I had identified the following learning goals, which I think we covered very well: ‘to write business language in brief, clear, polite, politically correct manner and a convincing style.’

    – Netta, International Baccalaureate

  • I learned a lot about how to approach editing in a different way, to use the guidelines and protocol to help me apply structure and rules for editing. I learned a lot about processes, about trying to see the bigger picture. I also learned about how others approach editing, and what kinds of problems they encounter in their day-to-day work.
    The class taught me to be more structured and clear when communicating. It taught me to listen to what others have to say, to recognise their problems, and to try to come up with suitable solutions.

    I enjoyed the workshop immensely. Quite often I am very reserved and introverted during workshops. In this case, though, I was excited from the start, keen to learn and participate to the best of my abilities. It opened my eyes to how other people approach aditing, to the kinds of problems they encounter at work, and also how professional and talented people are. This workshop got me excited about writing again, and I hope to consult the instructor for advice if I need it in the future.

    – Paul P., Translation bureau, Amsterdam

  • “Thank you so much for guiding us to becoming better editors; the class improved my self-confidence. I learned that no editing model is ideal, but that I can trust the model I choose—as long as it gets the job done.

    The course helped me to make specialized, terminology-heavy text more accessible. The feedback took into account the voice of the organization—an important consideration in my case.

    The workshop combined just the right amount of theory with examples and the participants’ experience. The content can easily be applied to all the different types of business text.”

    – Insurance-sector professional

  • This fast-paced course covered many aspects of business writing. I appreciate that the content is based on texts brought in by participants. We discussed a variety of text formats, such as emails, financial reports and brochure texts.

    This course motivated me to take time out to think about what I’m doing – in order to edit more effectively. Discussing others’ perspectives on what does and doesn’t work when editing business texts broadened my views about my approach.

    I always have too much work on my plate, so it’s texts, so I can start working on the most important revisions, to improve texts as much as possible.
    How will the workshop affect my written communications? I will take more charge of texts and express to clients why I made certain changes. I will approach people in an open way (not accusatory) and communicate clearly that these improvements are necessary based on the audience’s information needs.
    The setting was great—in a beautiful historical building. It was intense, but the instructor took great care of us with short breaks, and fruit and cookies. It was enlighting to have other professionals thoroughly go through my texts.

    – Dorine, Editor and Copywriter; Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

  • The course consists of a methodology to work through an editing process. Over the course of the workshop, the approach moves from a theoretical to a hands-on writing session. It covers the various aspects of the editing workflow, from deciding on form to “selling-in” the text to clients and co-workers.

    The training taught us to look at the editing process in a highly structured way. It offered us the confidence and analytic power to rework any piece of business writing.

    The class taught me confidence about the revision process by offering a sound walk-through. The flexible approach allowed for focus on the individual participant’s strengths and needs, while keeping the group’s energy in check.

    In my day-to-day work life, I will be able to use better phasing in approaching writing projects. The toolbox that comes with this workshop changed my working methods for the better and helped me better grasp how group communication can be approached systematically.

    What did I like best about the workshop? The continuously maintained high focus and energy. The personal approach in a group setting. The emphasis on practical application. The no-nonsense approach to writing. Most of all, the teaching style of the workshop leader, who masterfully circumvents the pitfalls of a group’s energy and carefully approaches individuals’ sensitivities about writing.

    – Erwin, Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid)

  • The course showed me how to handle any type of text and find (quick) ways to change or improve it. I also discovered more appreciation for the work that I do. Most importantly, the workshop gave me more confidence—the confidence of knowing how to approach any piece of text, and the confidence to better voice my professional opinion.

    – L.S., MediaMonks