Brand Journalism

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  • I picked up practical tools and got expert guidance on how to deconstruct, then reconstruct, texts of various forms for various platforms. It’s all about creating the most impactful content.

    – Scarlet, SensiSeeds

  • I learned the value of taking a step back from your own writing to try to see how others will receive it. The training reinforced for me the fact that what I write is only good if the reader understands it. I hope I can now judge my own writing more critically in terms of brand journalism; it’s important that everything I write clearly relates back to the brand I’m writing about. What I liked best about the workshop: working together on each individual’s own project. I found learning from each other to be very constructive.

    – Jane, Editor

  • [I learned] not to forget the value of our audience reading someone else’s thoughts and experience (not everything should sound like a press release) – and to ask our ‘experts’ to be brave and sometimes write [or let us, the Comms professionals, write on their behalf] what they THINK.

    The course gave me a wider view of what’s possible with written communications and branding. It showed me how subtlety (ie an opinion piece) can get a message across. 
    The course brought more texture into my writing and my approach to writing about the organization – whether that’s through opinion pieces or just a ‘braver pen’ (and a braver voice) when writing standard texts. The course content was perfectly pitched and delivered, as always.

    – JW, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

  • I learned something very important: that brand journalism is not so much about ‘branding’ as such; it’s more about the values underlying the company and its brand.
    These workshops always help me get my head around what writing is all about — and this class helped me take a big step back so I could see the big picture more clearly and get a fresh perspective on the bank.
    I think what’s most useful is, as I said above, the perspective the class helped me get. I want to take this back to my writing/translating/editing at the bank. These workshops are golden!

    – Merilee, ABN AMRO

  • How would I describe the content of the workshop? Outstanding. The handouts will be a permanent reference source. The analysis of my own and others’ work was invaluable for putting theory into practice. New insights all the way.

    – Jill; Writer, Editor, Translator & Trainer