How to Get Your Copy Approved

Writing Advice in 3 Acts

Act 1: Show Them You’re Listening

There may be nothing wrong with what you wrote. But the people you need to approve your copy don’t know that—yet. Chances are they have a preconceived idea of your writing, based on what you submitted last time. So, try signaling that you’re taking their advice. Tell them, “Thanks for the reminder to be concise on the last report. This one is 20 pages shorter.”

Act 2: Get It Off Google Drive

Long before Google Drive even existed, people often faxed in their copy. The advantage? Thermal fax paper had a horrid texture, making your copy hard—if not impossible—to mark up. I’m not saying you should send locked PDFs (though it’s not a bad idea), by why expose your copy to practically the whole company’s disapproval?

Act 3: Volunteer to Write the New Draft—Immediately

If they want changes, give them changes. That leaves you in control, encourages them to be hands-off, and takes less time for them. Skills.

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