Speeches & Presentations


Who Attends “Speeches & Presentations”?

Communications managers and directors. PR associates and copywriters. Advertising creatives, translators, editors—these are some of the people who benefit from this professional training.

What You Will Learn:

  • To captivate audiences with authentic, vital key messaging
  • To analyze the business context in which the speech will be made
  • How to find topics that intrigue and sway audiences
  • To create scripts that are convincing when spoken
  • To reproduce each speaker’s signature style
  • Fast, professional speech editing


“Speeches & Presentations”—The Process

You’ll start with the theory of brilliant speechwriting and move swiftly to practice. All participants will write during the class—and receive expert, live feedback.

What to Expect

The workshop is in English and is taught by a professional with more than twenty years of experience. The training consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours each. You will leave with a checklist of what every thought-leadership campaign must have; one complete, edited piece; and a training certificate. The cost for the workshop is €1,100 (excl. VAT). Group and NGO rates are available.